How can I update my email notifications preferences? To update your email notifications preferences please contact Customer Care at 888-904-4777.

How can I obtain my account number? Your account number at the top of your monthly billing statement labeled “Account number”. It’s also included on the Welcome Letter. If you cannot find your account number, please call Innovate at 888-904-4777 and Enter 0 (zero) to speak with a customer care representative.

Can a co-buyer receive a monthly billing statement? No. The co-buyer or co-lessee cannot request to have a monthly statement reminder emailed or mailed to them at this time.

How can I update account information such as address or phone numbers? You may change your address or phone number by contacting Customer Care 888-904-4777.

Can I change the due date on my account? Yes, for qualified accounts. Call Customer Care 888-904-4777 to see if your account qualifies for a due date change.

Can I skip or defer a payment on my account? Yes, for qualified retail installment accounts. Unfortunately, we do not defer payments on lease accounts.

With whom can Innovate Auto Finance share my account information? Please refer to Privacy Policy.