Vehicle Protection

My vehicle has been involved in an accident and sustained damage or declared a total loss. When you call to notify your insurance company of the accident, please ask your insurance company to call Innovate Auto's Insurance Department at 817-840-3000.

Am I responsible for my own insurance? Yes. As the vehicle's primary driver, you will be responsible for acquiring your own insurance. Comprehensive coverage (including fire and theft), in addition to collision, property damage and bodily injury are required.

Where do I send proof of my insurance?
Insurance coverage is mandatory. Your contract includes a requirement to maintain an insurance policy on your vehicle that provides comprehensive and collision coverage and to have a Loss Payee and Additional Insured Endorsement. Please make sure that your insurance information is correct on the policy. Please call toll-free at 817-840-3000 to update your policy information at any time.

Do I have GAP Insurance? To verify if you have insurance GAP review your contract or purchase documents. If you cannot locate it, please call our Customer Service Team at 817-840-3000.

How do I handle an insurance claim due to physical damage to the car? Call our insurance department at 817-840-3000 during regular business hours 8:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m. CT Monday-Friday. Please have the following information available: the date of the accident, the insurance company's name and phone number, claim number, and the insurance adjuster's information if applicable.

How do I get my insurance repair check endorsed? Please send your insurance check to Innovate Loan Servicing Corporation. We request that you endorse the insurance check before mailing it to us. When the repairs are complete, please send us the final repair bill and photos of the repaired car. Once we receive that proof of the repairs, we will endorse the insurance check and send it to the repair shop.

Mail insurance information to:
Innovate Loan Servicing Corporation
Attn: Insurance
P.O. Box 8525
Fort Worth, TX 76161

Fax insurance:

Email us:

What should I do if my vehicle is impounded?
Contact Innovate Loan Servicing Corporation as soon as possible at 817-840-3000 to discuss circumstances related to the impounding of the car.