Where do I mail my payoff check? You can mail your full payoff amount, along with your account number to our payment address: Innovate Loan Services P.O. BOX 164803, Fort Worth, TX 76161 or to our overnight address: Innovate Loan Servicing Corporation 4704 Mercantile Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76137

Where do I go to get my payoff amount and instructions on the payoff process? In order to receive the proper, most up to date payoff amount you will need to contact one of our Customer Care Specialists at 888-904-4777 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Central Time or request in writing by emailing

My account is paid off, when should I expect my Title? Depending on the state your title is held, your title or lien release will be mailed within 30 calendar days upon clearance of your final payment.

I have paid off my account and received my paper title. What do I need to do? In order to receive a clear title in your name, you should take your title to your local DMV, MVA, or Local Tax Assessors Office (depending on your state).

Am I penalized or charged any fees for paying off my account early? Please see your security agreement contract for explanation of fees.